“I am a brother to dragons and a companion to owls.”

Welcome to Blood & Neon, a Vampire: the Requiem game that begins set against the backdrop of a seedy Miami in the 1980s. Of course time marches forward, and the city may change, but there will always be blood to be paid, vampires and drug lords to support or topple, and bright neon lights to keep the streets lit at night.

The player characters will begin the game as neonates in 1985. A vampire named Vance Moretti, with the support of drug cartel kingpins both mortal and undead, has just killed the Prince and his Tribunal in a bid to take over Miami. Chaos quickly consumes the city as the former Prince’s conservative sect goes to war with Vince and his criminal allies and supporters. Whether or not the newly Embraced neonates will become involved is up to them. However, there is no doubt that these events will affect them, and some may ask for — or even demand — their loyalties as the war rages on.

We’re constantly updating this Obsidian Portal, so always make sure to check the sidebar for updates on the setting, characters, locations, and our house rules!

Blood ✝ Neon

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