Blood ✝ Neon

00 - Prelude, Derek

June 10, 2013 session 00: Prelude, Derek

It’s been a rough week for Derek McMillan’s friends the Leibowitz as their daughter Lisa leukemia condition continues to worsen; she desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. As Tracy Leibowitz turn to friends for help, the family all failing the compatible donor test, only Derek has the genetics to help. While passes along the dark streets to the hospital he is attacked by any incredibly strong, fast and quite well dressed man who bites into his neck. Dereks body betrays him, refusing to struggle, as everything slowly fads to black.

Pain like Derek has never felt before snaps him suddenly awake; then an unbelievable hungry consumes him. As his eyes search the room, the light upon a body half out of a body bag on a metal table and as instinct take control Derek bites into the body and drinks. Only after the last drop does his conscious mind reassert control, and he notices the body is that of Lisa Leibowitz.

A voice, the man from the street, introduces himself as Russell Lamond and explains how this bastardly act was necessary to drive the cold hard reality home; you are no longer human, you are a monster.

Over the next year Russell acts as good friend and mentor to Derek. He teaches him about vampirism and kindred society, and does his best to make up for that first rough meeting.



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