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01 - Coming Together

June 10, 2013 session 01: Coming Together

Note: [brackets] indicate Derek’s thoughts

Our story begins at the Villa Vizcaya, one of Miami’s Elysium locations, is the chosen place for the presentation of the cities four newest vampires:

- Derek McMillan: Ventrue, childer of Russell Lamond, young leader of a small gang

- Isaiah: Mekhet, childer of Sovereign, academic

- Jakob Doukas: Nosferatu, childer of Priscilla, adopted by Nash, biker badass

- Philip Brooks: Gangrel, childer of Will Fagan, weasel-like information broker

Russell told Derek to dress nice and not to be late for the presentation ceremony at the Villa Vizcaya tonight. However dressing like one of those high society types isn’t a specialty of Dereks and as such the suit he borrowed from Russell was too big, with the pants shoved into his boots and the tie done cock-eyed with an overhand knot; but at least he was early. Walking up the drive way to the Villa (that must have been as long as his whole street) he was granted entry after having his name checked off the list by some well dressed and well armed security guards. As he entered the foyer, whistling at the opulent wealth, he decides to touch some stuff just to see what it’s like.

As Derek is arguing with the foyer guard about whether or not this room will fill with people, the other neonates arrive. One is dressed nice (correctly), one like Derek and the last in a t-shirt and jeans. [How did he get way with a t-shirt and jeans?]

Heading beyond the foyer there is a large open room with some very well dressed kindred who watch the newcomers enter. After a little awkward chit chat about why we are here Natalja, Moretti and Benedict Martin enter from a side door commanding everyone’s attention. The four of us approach, followed by our sires, and individually repeat the three traditions. Then we knelt and were recognized. [Well that was odd, Russell though it was antiquated and I can’t say I disagree]

After the ceremony was over we were wondering what to do. Jakob decided to talk to Natalja [who is scary] and although his bravery for talking with her was commendable the dialog was as awkward as a middle school date.

We then approached Romario Moreno who told us about two vamps, Tom and Dillon which were causing him problems down at his club, the San La Muerte (Saint Death). Since we had nothing better to do with our night we decided to head down to the club, Jakob on his motorcycle and the rest of us in Philips car. Upon arriving we find the two vamps are waiting in line dressed in a ridicules fashion, one is in all black with big boots and a cap [who wears a cape?] the other dressed like an 18th century noble man.

Jokob wants to attack and kill the two of them right in line outside the club. Derek is trying to convince him that’s a terrible idea [because it is] and while we are arguing the two vamps head into the club [damn it!]. We are way to cool to stand in line to wait so we just approach the bouncer (who is a ghoul) and start trying to convince him to let us in; talking all at once [we’re going to need some coordination]. Jakob just plays up his badass-ery and intimidates the bouncer who decides to just let us in [he can be a scary mother fucker].

Once inside we scope out the place and locate Tom and Dillon [seriously, who dresses like that? These two deserved to be punched] chatting up some less than interested girls. Jakob wants to kill them right in the middle of the club [yeah, he doesn’t think things through] but Derek convinces him that a crowded room with hundreds of witnesses isn’t a good place and that shadowing them is a better plan. After Tom and Dillon breach the masquerade over and over by telling every girl they are vampires [and scary lords of the night ooooo, psh] they manage to pick up two girls and we follow them all out into a dark alley that’s perfect for making out or having a snack.

As we watch them [no one is doing anything crazy, I’m looking at you Jakob] one of the girls see’s Tom’s fangs bite into his girls neck but before she can react Dillon bites her [well shit, no one was going to believe them about actually being vampires but now…].

Jakob attacks the one slamming him into the wall [double fuck!]. Philip joins the fight as the girls run off screaming [this is going well… (sarcasm)]. As Tom, Dillon, Jakob, and Philip fight Isaiah runs to one end of the alley, notice’s some police officers on their beat, and convinces them to leave [that must have been one hell of a good argument]. Derek tries to use Majesty to calm the girls and fails. As Jakob curb stomps the one vamp [ok, now that is some really bad ass shit] and Philip stabs the other with a knife, Derek runs to the other end of the alley and finds the two girls and a pair of police officers (same ones Isaiah talked to) heading for the alley [damn it Jakob! you just couldn’t wait could you]. Running back down the alley calling “cops cops, it’s time to go” Derek and the rest of us run off. Fortunately we escape.

Since it’s approaching sunup, we leave it with plans to call each other the next night and we all head to our separate havens.

OOC: We decided to combine out haven as size 3, security 2


Nice, sir. 1 xp for you.

01 - Coming Together

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