Blood ✝ Neon

02 - Shoot out at the San La Muerte


The night started like any other, I awoke to Nash scribbling in his journal and thumbing through books already. His fervor was impressive and I began to wonder if he ever actually slept. Maybe he didn’t, maybe he was able to fight off the “Day-sleep” and continue researching. That’d be something I’d like to learn, the ability to continue researching through the day might become useful if his experiments continued exhibiting the current state of change they were in. They’d smashed up the two cunt twins that fancied themselves the “Lords of the Night” the evening before and I guess that we should run over to the La Muerte to talk to Romario. The phone rings, I answer, taking a look at my pale and rough skin before I pick up the phone. “Hello” it’s Phillip on the other end, after a brief conversation I find out that Derek is looking for a place for us to stay, and Isiah has skipped town on some “mission”. That’s all the information I’m given, Phillip seems to be fine with this, but it just doesn’t sit right with me, a subject lost is just that, a chance to witness change up close and personal lost. Phillip brings up Romario, I agree to meet him at the club, we hang up. Nash is still studying some ancient text, I should really grab him something some day. He is a good teacher, already taught me two coils, and I’m assuming I’m a good student. I know he’d like me to stay cooped up with him all night researching, but I’m glad he hasn’t tried to force me to yet.

So I jump on my bike and haul ass to the “Muerte”, me and Phil meet up, we notice a rather odd looking kindred standing in line. Straight immigrant, you can tell by the shirt, either he’s an immigrant or a tourist, and seeing as most kindred don’t tend to travel much. He must, be newly embraced as he’s waiting with kine to enter the club. I make a mental note of him, but nothing more, Phillip seems to be checking him out a bit more. We walk up to the bouncer who immediately recognizes me, he shifts out of the way quickly, I nod and say “Thank you.” No reason to be angry, he gave me respect, so in turn no reason to mutilate him. We walk into the hazy club, the post-punk music is blaring and is quite annoying, synthesizers are bleeding through poorly played instruments and all together just grate on my nerves, haven’t these kids found something better to listen to yet. It wasn’t ten years ago that Hendrix would have been ripping it up, or better yet, Dylan would have been whining about the war. At least back then they had some purpose, some soul to the music, “hmph, soul.” that’s a hoot, do I even have one of those any more? I find what looks like the VIP section, a winding stair case that goes up to a private room, a black clad bouncer stands there watching the crowd, his clipboard in his other hand. Phillip and I walk up to the guy,

“Romario here?” I ask
“Name.” he states
“JD” I say simply
“Jakob Doukas?”
“Yeah” I reply.
The bouncer looks at Phillip “Name.”
“He’s with me.” I quickly cut in before Phillip can say anything.
The bouncer nods us to head up stairs.

We ascend the stairs quickly, I’m getting kind of excited, on our first night we’d already taken care of some problems for a fairly prominent kindred, with deep ties into Vance’s camp. Things were going well, until I saw Romario. The grimace on his face tells me everything I need to know, the thought of turning around quickly and heading back down the stairs crosses my mind but I decide to continue. There are a few other kindred in the room, but none that give off the “I want to eat you” vibe that Romario does, before we can speak he flies across the room, his hand wraps around my neck, and I can feel the cold chill of dead flesh against my own. He goes on to say something about us “Fucking things up, that we took it to far, and now have the Daeva Primogen pissed at him.” Sadly all I can think about is wanting to rip his heart out of his chest. I try to make amends by telling him if there is anything we can do to help, we’d be glad to. He spouts something off about how he now has to let the two douche bags back in the club to appease the Primogen. He tells us to get lost, that he’ll let us know if there is anything we can do to make it up to him, something tells me that he’s actually a little happy about this, because now he has a reason to think we are in his pocket. Me and Phillip get out of there and head back down stairs, the first thing we notice is the immigrant kindred fake sipping a beer and pouring it on the ground. “What the fuck does this guy think he is?” I can’t stand the recently embraced, at least Phil has come to terms with his curse, this guy seems to think he can pass for kine, why would you even want to, the scum don’t need to think we are one of them. All they need to know, is we are the things that go bump in the night. I watch as Phil walks over to the guy, spouts off and drops some cocktail napkins on the spilled beer. For a few seconds that talk and I can feel Phil getting angry, who knows what the wet-back said, but now I’ve got to go grab Phil because shits about to hit the fan. I reach the pair and the first thing that comes out of that cunt’s mouth is “Gentlemen…” Seriously? I can’t even remember what I said now, but I grabbed Phil and hauled him away, ask him what that was about and what he’d like to do now? Phil comes up with this hair brained scheme to stick around and stake out the fucking place. He keeps saying something about a bad feeling that he got from that guy. Fuck it, I try to dissuade Phil, but only halfheartedly as I really had nothing better to do, wasn’t that hungry and it was still pretty early. Phil and I talked a bit, but mostly watched the front door from his car, after about an hour and a half I finally got tired of waiting. Phil decides, let’s go look around the back alley, “Sure Phil, let’s do that, let’s go right back to the seen of the crime that we just got done with the night before bashing some one’s head in and stabbing them. Sounds great.” I’ve got to stop hanging around with Phil.

So we head around the back alley way, we see the vampire from before sneaking around the back of the alley, along with a couple making out. The dildo decides to light up a cigar, everything about this guy screams at me to just rip him apart. Although the fact that he held his head way to far back to light the cigar was amusing. Then he calls me a “cunt” the rest of what he said was lost on me as I had to physically fight back the urge to rip his filthy little head off, “I want to shove that cigar up your ass and watch you burn from the inside out.” is all I could manage through gritted teeth. He and Phil chatted for a few moments while I tried my best not to let the beast go, it was in this rage that I looked past the kindred to the back door, a group of guys were heading in the club, Phil quickly spouted off “Ssssh, What the fuck was that? 4 guys wearing rabbit masks and holding sub machine guns just rolled into the club.” Ramsay bolted to the guy that was standing outside, ripped his gun out of his hand and began to feed from him, as he did I jetted to the door, I could hear Phil trying to keep up and failing. I ripped open the door, and the three that had entered were already shooting up the place, the falling bodies were screaming as the crowd tried to exit through a portal that just wasn’t big enough. The spent shells hit the ground permeating the crescendo of screams with the “Tink, tink, tink.” of the spent brass hitting the glass floor. I charged into the first guy and slammed my fist into his face, the sound of crunching bones and a wet thud stopped his gun from firing for a few seconds, he let loose a burst from the surprise, I took three rounds into my shoulder that just pushed it back slightly. I saw Phil dart away out of the corner of my eye and land on his side, just as the other guy in the rabbit mask peered at him. I could see his finger going towards the trigger before his chest was ripped open by a hail of gunfire from the door way, I assumed it was the cigar smoking kindred. The two rabbit men that weren’t directly in front of me managed to get a couple shots off, I think Phil got hit, but who knows, we heal quick now. I ripped the gun away from the dumb ass that shot me and turned it on him, he managed to hit me in the stomach, but the blow was so weak it skidded off before I pointed the gun at his knees and squeezed the trigger. Ramsay decided to blast past me and sink his knife into the only uninjured guy left. Phil slid his knife into his douche and watched as the life fled from his eyes. Phil was visibly shaken for a moment before he composed himself. I watched the guy’s legs disappear in the hail of bullets from the sub machine gun I was holding, he bled out quicker than I wanted but he was taken care of none the less. I looked around and all the guys had been dealt with, Romario decided to appear finally, like a rat jumping out of his hole after all the danger was gone. He looked furious and went around to each guy jerking them about before looking at us, “WHAT THE FUCK?” he screamed, we told him the guys headed in and we intervened as quickly as we could, Ramsay spoke up and mentioned a still breathing one in the dumpster.

Romario bolted outside, and into the dumpster, I followed quickly, Phil and Ramsay were a little slower, the both seemed to be going through some internal shit. Honestly I was happy to be back outside, the smell of cordite and blood brought back memories from when I was alive I’d still prefer not to remember. I got outside in time to see the limp body land on the alley way, and Romario bite himself to feed the sorry shit. The blood slid past his lips, after a few seconds he awoke, the color returned to his face. Romario tried to question him, to no avail, so Romario did what I probably would have done and began to beat the ever loving shit out of him, his face was indistinguishable by the time Ramsay got outside. Ramsay struggled with what to say for a second, he couldn’t get over the innate sense of death that Romario was extruding. He finally over came his fear and asked if he could have a shot. Romario didn’t seem to want to but took a deep breath and stood up, his foot sunk into the guys ribs as he walked away, a final kick to the now bleeding guy. Ramsay pulled something out of his pocket and showed it to the guy, a picture from what I could tell, talked a little bit more and then chewed up the picture, it was amusing to watch, that was for sure. As he spoke I began to be able to tell the guy was a Ghoul, how I missed it the first time, who knows, maybe I was to preoccupied with the gun shots. I heard Ramsay saying that if he didn’t talk to him then we would destroy him, which wasn’t far from the truth. The guy pointed to Romario, “He fucked up, pissed the wrong people off.” awesome I thought, this is about last night. When Ramsay was satisfied he’d get nothing else out of him he pushed him back in the dumpster. Romario asked us “What should I do with him?” Ramsay spoke up “You could use him to send a message, kill him or let him live.” I spoke up with the ability to enslave him to Romario, Phil was dead set on not killing him, although I’m pretty sure what happened next was not what Phil had in mind.

Romario produced a curved knife, later Phil would tell me it’s a Kukri, some middle-eastern knife. “Get the fuck.” Romario told me, so I went to the dumpster and jerked him out. I marched the stumbling ghoul in front of Romario and kicked him in the back of his knees. He fell to his knees with a harsh thud as I grabbed both of his arms and placed my knee into his back. For a second I thought Romario was going to slice his throat, but Phil and Ramsay spoke up, almost pleading with Romario not to kill him. “SHUT THE FUCK UP.” Romario yelled, a sick grin crossed his face as it seemed an idea popped into his head. “Hold his arms.” he looked at Phil, I was trying to keep Phil out of it, but obviously Romario had other plans, I grasped one of his arms and Phil tightly squeezed the other, the sudden chop of the kukri was hard to follow, the amount of blood was hard to resist, the sickly iron smell filled my nostrils, and I was excited for a brief moment before it sunk in what Romario had planned. The guy screamed, “Shut him up.” Romario said, I wrapped my fore arm around his mouth and squeezed his jaw just as I held the still intact arm. Phil had already with drawn and only watched in horror as Romario lopped the other arm off. The guy quickly exsanguinated lying in the alley way. Romario knelt down and embraced the stupid fool, the body sat there in silence for a few moments, Romario bade me to go grab one of the bodies, I quickly grabbed the guy I’d blown the legs off of, the lack of blood in the corpse is why I picked it, I wondered what would happen, what type of change would take place if a newly embraced vampire were only barely allowed to feed. The racking body opened his eyes and rolled over, he scrambled to the lifeless corpse of his friend and fed for the first time. “Go to your master, tell him no peace, only war.” the new vampire ran from the alley way and into the night. I wonder if he’ll get there, what will happen after that, will he be killed, as a mercy, will he be taken care of by his former master, better yet, will he even make it before sunrise.

Romario then looked around, he sheathed the kukri and told all of us he’d like us to work together, for him. That he’d reward us for the services, he wanted Ramsay to investigate the incident, and for us to do something about it once we found out who was behind it all, in all honesty, the two choices we really had were the Invictus and Martin, or the Daeva Primogen, either way, this was a tall order, and one I was more than happy to fill. Ramsay spouted something about not picking sides and staying on the fence, but that he’d be a mercenary, I doubt he really knew what that meant, I doubted he had the stones to be a real mercenary. No fear would probably keep him in check, as it did most. We all agreed and Romario went back into the club, as you would know it, Derek managed to call the club at the perfect time, some bouncer came out and called us a bozo. Sadly I had to fight the urge once again to murder the little fuck, they really needed to learn some manners, I took the phone from him and told him to “Fuck off”. “Hello, found a place, (address).” Derek said, “Cool, we’ll be there shortly.” So we left, I rode my bike and Phil and Ramsay drove their cars respectively. We arrived at the penthouse suite, it was nice, spartan, but nice. The code to get into the building and then another to enter their floor was especially nice. It had four rooms and a den, all the windows were covered in painted wood to match the walls, and white curtains almost made it look like it belonged. It was however on the edge of town, which might make things a bit inconvenient, but we’d cross that bridge when we came to it. We all kind of said our good byes, Ramsay thanked us for our hospitality, the only act of decency in the entire night, he denied the want to stay there an returned to his own haven. Will also decided to return to his own haven for the evening, that way he could gather some of his things and return the following night. I called Nash, to let him know I’d be moving out, he told me that he expected my return every week for my studies, I told him “Of course.” I also mentioned my new subjects. We hung up after that, there never seemed to be any kind of cordial remarks, just solid facts and points, I began to wonder if being couped up in his haven for so long was finally getting to him. I went for a bite to eat after every one left, nabbed a mutt for dinner and drained him of blood, the little dog died in my arms, I tossed the carcass into the local sewage drain and assumed the water would be swift enough to carry him. He’d be decomposed by the time any one found him. I snatched the collar off his body and threw it in the first trash can I saw before heading back to the new haven where I slumbered off into dreamless sleep.


Good job, sir. +1 xp for you.


Pretty damn thorough. Nice use of character voice!


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