Fat Patrick

The slimy head of the Fatboys drug cartel.


Fat Patrick was born as Patrick Mendez, and he was the son of a Cuban immigrant father and an Irish mother. He was responsible for one of the Moretti gang’s biggest drug cartels, and he was also a slimy fuck. There were rumors concerning Patrick that indicated he was a pedophile. Also of note was Fat Patrick’s uneasy alliance with another Moretti Gang set and drug cartel — the Diamonds, run by Marina Lopez. If it weren’t for Vance, Fat Patrick would’ve probably had her at the bottom of the ocean wearing cement shoes.

The big-shot was killed by Philip Brooks with a knife to the eye. As a result, his drug operations were up for grabs and seized by Priscilla and her gang the Thirteen Reapers, and Marina and the Diamonds, effectively making their gangs two of the most powerful drug runners in Miami.

Fat Patrick

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