Marina Lopez

Runs a drug cartel for the Moretti Gang. Is often at odds with Fat Patrick, whom she despises.


Marina Lopez immigrated to Florida from Cuba as a youth with her family. After her parents passed away, she lived on the streets and was forced to make her own way.

Now she runs the Diamonds, one of the many drug cartels that forms the larger Moretti Gang. She previously had an uneasy alliance with Fat Patrick, the leader of the Fatboys drug cartel — former enemies of the Diamonds. If not for Vance Moretti, she would’ve taken care of the fuck herself. Fortunately, Fat Patrick (along with Vance’s enforcer Romario was killed in July of 1985, and now Marina and the Diamonds have effectively seized control of half of Fat Patrick’s interests. Priscilla and her gang, the Thirteen Reapers, control the other half.

Marina Lopez

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