Romario Moreno

Vance's enforcer. Ruthless, cunning, and...surprisingly affable, if you don't get on his bad side.


Romario was the owner and Keeper of San La Muerte, a nightclub catering to the post-punk and early goth scene in Miami. To those whom he could trust and rely upon, he could be an affable, easygoing kind of guy. However, to those on his bad side, they knew Romario for his temper, impulsivity, and mercilessness.

Romario met his end at the hands of Derek McMillan, Ramsey Largo, and Philip Brooks at one of Fat Patrick’s drug packing facilities after their fellow coterie member Jakob Doukas (J.D) sold Ramsey out to Romario. His ultimate fate was cruel — a burning rag to the face that consumed his body and burned it to ashes — though it was only as cruel as the punishments he inflicted upon his enemies.


Romario Moreno

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