Tag: Gangrel


  • Anne Marsters

    Anne is a strong believer in "the survival of the fittest," which also applies to her politics -- hence her Invictus loyalties. She is known to be extremely vicious in battle, and has given more than a few Kindred their Final Deaths. Marsters has power …

  • Will Fagan

    Will Fagan is Anne Marster's childe, though the two have grown distant within the last ten years due to growing differences in ideology. The Gangrel has also distanced himself from the Invictus and now runs with a coterie outside of the city limits. …

  • Hank

    Hank's never told anyone his real name. He used to ride with the Outlaws, a motorcycle gang that went their separate ways following the disappearance of one of their members, [[:jakob-doukas|Jakob]].

  • Sera

    No one knows much about Sera except that she is a newcomer to Miami, is a Gangrel, and has no particular interest in the political affairs of the city. Strangely enough, she is one of the few Kindred who can interact pleasantly with [[:natalja]]. Sera …