Tag: Mortal


  • Fat Patrick

    Fat Patrick was born as Patrick Mendez, and he was the son of a Cuban immigrant father and an Irish mother. He was responsible for one of the Moretti gang's biggest drug cartels, and he was also a slimy fuck. There were rumors concerning Patrick that …

  • Marina Lopez

    Marina Lopez immigrated to Florida from Cuba as a youth with her family. After her parents passed away, she lived on the streets and was forced to make her own way. Now she runs the Diamonds, one of the many drug cartels that forms the larger Moretti …

  • Terrence Graves

    Not much is known about Terrence, except that he's often up at night and frequents places Kindred can be found. Terrence is often seen with [[:joanna-miner]].

  • Joanna Miner

    Not much is known about Joanna, except that she can often be found at locations Kindred are known to frequent. Joanna is often seen with [[:terrence-graves]].

  • Jason Roberts

    Jason is [[:derek-mcmillan|Derek's]] best friend, and it's been that way for ages. Jason grew up only two houses over from Derek in a shifty neighborhood that was suffering from a war between two rival gangs in the area. Together, Derek and Jason started …

  • Aaron Mills

    One of [[:derek-mcmillan|Derek's]] long-time friends who grew up right across the street from him. He works for UPS, and often works the night shift. On his nights off, he can often be found down at the local bar.

  • Tracy Leibowitz

    Tracy grew up on J Street with [[:derek-mcmillan|Derek]] and is one of his long-time friends. She's a mother, and her and her husband work a lot to provide for their child. Her daughter, Lisa, died when Derek mysteriously disappeared the night of their …

  • Charles "Skip" Wies

    Skip, born as Charles Wies, was one of the Outlaws, a motorcycle gang founded by [[:jakob-doukas|Jakob]]. After Jakob seemingly disappeared, the gang went their separate ways, and Skip now works as a bouncer at a [[Club Vice|Miami club]]. It's not much, …

  • Jean "French" Beaux

    French, born Jean Beaux, was one of the Outlaws, a motorcycle gang that went their separate ways after he and [[:jakob-doukas|Jakob]] went missing. In truth, Jakob and French hadn't gone missing -- Jakob was Embraced by [[:priscilla]], and then forced …

  • Rabbits

    No one knows anything about the Rabbits, except that they wear suits, rabbit masks, and commit acts of violence against the numerous vying powers in the city.