Tag: Ventrue


  • Gerald Dandridge

    The former Prince was a staunch conservative who kept the city safe, but only by ruling with an iron fist. He was also known for his paranoia, and under his rule many Kindred, ill-perceived by the Prince to be potential traitors or assassins, were killed.

  • Benedict Martin

    Unlike his sire, Benedict is much less conservative, and he also lacks the previous Prince's extreme paranoia. However, he's still adamantly against the Kindred of the city being involved in the drug trade.

  • Russell Lamond

    Russell is an idealist through and through. In spite of his age, he has always valued the lives of mortals, and even more so his fellow Kindred. He dreams of ruling Miami under democracy, though he's been held back by his lack of support and power. …

  • Emil Adolf von Behring

    Behring was born Adolf Emil Behring in Hansdorf (now Ławice, Iława County), Kreis Rosenberg, Province of Prussia, now Poland. Between 1874 and 1878, he studied medicine at the Akademie für das militärärztliche Bildungswesen, Berlin. He was mainly a …