Shared Elysium

Villa Vizcaya is the former villa and estate of American businessman James Deering. It is one of Miami’s most beautiful and culturally significant estates, and, as such, the Kindred have called it Elysium and meet there on a semi-regular basis to talk art, debate politics, and generally socialize.

After the war broke out between the Moretti Gang and the Invictus, both sects vied to control Villa Vizcaya. Several bloody negotiations later, however, the two factions eventually agreed that it would remain a neutral ground in Miami and asked Natalja, a powerful unaligned Kindred, to be its keeper. Luckily for them, she accepted.

Neonates and those new to the city are expected to come to the Villa Vizcaya to become acknowledged by the city’s dueling authorities.

Moretti Gang Elysium

San La Muerte is a popular location for Miami’s post-punk and goth subcultures to congregate so that they may watch live bands play, or dance to DJs spinning the latest No-wave track to hit the underground music circuit.

For Kindred less interested in the dark and moody, Club Vice is the perfect nightclub to get down to New Wave music and synthpop. It’s also a great place to find and feed on coked-up Kine. Vance Moretti personally prefers this location over the sad and drab San La Muerte.

Invictus Elysium

The Center for the Fine Arts is Miami’s finest location for art galleries. You won’t find any classical works here — the Center of the Fine Arts is all about contemporary and modern art. Such a focus attracts all sorts of art lovers, pretentious hipsters, and even more pretentious dilettantes.

On the other hand, the Miami Classical Art Museum is home to more classical works from eras long gone. In contrast to the modernist atmosphere of the Center for the Fine Arts, this museum is chilly, cold, and sophisticated — truly the place to be for more refined Kindred.


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