House Rules

All House Rules are subject to change to see as fit for our little group.


Certain Disciplines and the rules regarding them have been altered. Click here to see them.

Dramatic Failures

Dramatic Failures don’t happen nearly enough in the original system. That’s a problem, seeing as botching is some of the most fun you can have in a World of Darkness game, so we’ll do it this way (taken from the Mirrors book):

As the core rulebook says, you dramatically fail if you roll a 1 on a chance die. Additionally, if you fail a normal roll, you must also roll a chance die. 2-9, you fail normally. If you roll a 1, however, you dramatically fail. 10 still results in a success, and the 10-again rule still applies.

Example: Isaiah is trying to scale a wall in order to sneak through a window on the fourth floor, where an assassination target sleeps. The Storyteller decides that Isaiah’s player Tannlin must roll Dexterity + Athletics. Tannlin makes the roll and fails. Now he rolls a single die to see how bad he failed. He rolls a 1, a Dramatic Failure, so the Storyteller decides that Isaiah not only fails to climb the wall, but he ends up falling from the third story. Not only does he incur four bashing damage from all the injuries sustained from the fall, but he has also created a loud ruckus, no doubt waking up his target and alerting them to his presence…

Experience Points & Costs

Click here to check out our house rules on experience points and costs.


Siring childer normally requires a dot (not point) of Willpower to be expended, as Kindred must a) willingly intend to sire and b) impart a part of themselves to do so. However, Kindred will a Blood Potency of 6 or higher may instead spend all of their Willpower points to sire a childe.

Predator’s Taint (…or not?)

We’re not using Predator’s Taint in this game, for the most part. Of course, if one meets a particularly powerful and frightening Kindred…

House Rules

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