Blood ✝ Neon

Chapter Two, Prelude

From 1985 to 1986

Chapter One ended with the death of Romario Moreno, Fat Patrick, and Jakob Doukas (J.D) at the hands of our coterie.

Romario’s death and the splintering of Fat Patrick’s Fatboys gang have proven to be major losses for the Vance and the Moretti Gang, and Benedict Martin and the Invictus have reaped many victories this past year. However, there are rumors that Moretti has a new enforcer, though he is keeping quiet about it.

Fat Patrick’s death has also affected the Blue Arrows, who were helping the Fatboys move crack and cocaine through the city. With less funding, meaning less firepower, they have had substantial losses, and the Cloud Nines have taken over many of their territories.

Because they have been discovered as traitors by the Invictus, Hector Rodriguez and childe Christian Cardeso have switched their alliances. Therefore the Miami Classical Art Museum has fallen to the care of Josiah Martinez.

Some new Kindred have arrived in the city over the past year, including a mysterious Gangrel named Sera who has sometimes been seen interacting with Natalja, as well as a Ventrue doctor who goes by Mendolf. They are to soon be acknowledged.

Despite his original plans, Will Fagan, because of current tensions in the city, has decided to remain in the city with his coterie. He and his sire Anne Marsters were rumored to be talking again, though word on the street says that the last time they met together nearly resulted in a violent confrontation. The two have not been seen with each other since.

Recent instabilities in the city have led to many Kindred leaving both the Invictus and Moretti’s gang and joining the Carthian Movement.

Rabbit attacks have occurred fairly frequently, with there having been at least 14 such attacks within the past year alone.


Good riddance to Romario.

How did Fat Patrick demise affect the Blue Arrow gang?

Chapter Two, Prelude

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