Blood ✝ Neon

03 - Night of Horrible Decisions

I just healed up the giant hole in my abdomen from last night, good thing I’m already dead…
The night to remember, I thought our little sortie with the two “Lords of the Night” were the worst to come. I was wrong, it started out horribly, and just got worse, I woke up around midnight, no one was in the new Haven that Derek had procured for us. I walked down stairs in time to see the cops coming up the road, lights and sirens blaring, Derek just calmly walked away, I slipped into the bushes and almost laughed as Phil jumped into them beside me. The pig stopped and looked at Phil’s car, I glared at him as the cop walked up to Derek. They conversed for a few minutes before the cop drove his car to the local sports bar. I stepped out of the bushes and asked Phil what was going on? He said something about his daughter and then loaded his shit into the apartment and emptied his car. Then the cops came back, Phil dived into the bushes again, this time I didn’t feel like moving. Stupid fucking cop wants to mess with the bull, he’ll get the horns. Derek walked inside as I stood their waiting. I’m a horrible liar. I did the face, the one were it stretches my eyes, and my jaw kind of unhinges and stretches into an other worldly maw, my eyes seem to turn a deep black. It’s really unnerving, even for me to think about. Any way, he ran, and I followed. I knew I wanted to feed, I wanted to taste the fear in his blood and I did. We let him go, the next few things were a blur, we fought in the sports bar, Derek did something to some old guy. Then we ran, I had a shotgun, I hid it, so we have a shotgun now. We circled back around to the house, cops were out in force it seemed, but we made it back to the house. I jumped on my bike and drove to Nash’s place. The others said they were going to the boulevard? I can’t really remember, I went to Nash, said hi. Grabbed some things and then drove back home. The guys were gone so I threw the stuff I had upstairs in my room.

Then to the boardwalk, I drove for a little while and managed to catch eye of the cops giving chase to a car, low and behold it was Phil’s, “Fuck” is all I thought as I weaved in front of the cop car to try and give Phil some space to get away. The cop flipped me off, I just threw the finger up back at him and noticed Phil had turned into a dark alley. The cop sped off so I flipped a bitch and drove up to Phil’s car. We talked for a few seconds and then I woke up in front of some bitch, some ass clown holding me down. Later Phil and Derek would explain it as me and Derek all of a sudden WANTED to go to the Police Department. The rage that filled my throat was barely containable, the stupid bitch ripped one of my fangs out. That was her first mistake, her next was slicing into me with those bitch nails of hers, her third was shoving her hand through my abdomen, her fourth was not killing me when she had the chance. She’s now on my list. “I could have ended you, but I have grace. Let this serve a lesson to you.” that’s what she said, just wait, grace has no place in the unlife, and I will show her that, I will bring my vengeance upon her, it shall feel as if God himself has taken notice of the insignificant cunt. She had her three strikes, and managed to swing and miss all three times. Yes, I will hear her scream and cry out for the final death before I show her “Grace” before I show her mercy, the final requiem ending death shall be a welcome escape to the torment I shall bring her. I stumbled out of the police station, Phil was already there, Derek was unscathed, good. The plan worked then, all her aggression was taken out on me. We went home…



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