In addition to the existing level 5 power, those with Animalism 5 may give commands to a swarm of animals summoned with 3. This, however, imposes a dice mod of -2 on the roll to reflect the difficulty of making such a command.


Instead of the (IMO) stifled combat benefit offered in the book, every point of Celerity allows an extra turn of combat provided you spend the appropriate blood points.

For example, if you have Celerity 3 but only wanted to gain two extra turns in combat, you would spend two blood points, giving you three turns total. To gain three extras turn, you would have to spend three blood points.


Okay. This one takes a bit of reworking…

Protean 1Claws of the Wild replace Aspect of the Beast for Protean’s level 1 power. On that note, claws no longer do all Aggravated damage. Instead, your points in Protean indicate how much Aggravated damage you have, and the rest will be Lethal.

For example, if you deal six damage with your claws and have Protean 4, four points would be Aggravated and the other two would be Lethal. Likewise, if you simply have Protean 1 and did four damage, one point would be Aggravated while the rest would be Lethal.

Protean 2 – Instead of Earth Meld (which has been moved to Protean 3), Protean 2’s power Nature of the Predator allows the user to assume a more bestial form, thereby enhancing each Physical Attribute by 1 dot and adding a +2 modifier to Intimidate rolls. However, because of their savage nature, they are also prone to a -4 dice mod to Frenzy. This power lasts for a scene. Remember to also temporarily modify your Advantages as necessary.

For example, if you used Protean 1 and normally had Strength 2, Dexterity 3, and Stamina 4, each of those stats would then increase to Strength 3, Dexterity 4, and Stamina 5 for a scene. Likewise, if you needed to Intimidate somebody while in this form, you would receive an extra two dice. However, if somebody angered you or you were hungry, you would need to make a Frenzy check at Resolve + Composure – 4.

Protean 3 – As Claws of the Wild has been moved to Protean 1, and Protean 2 has been replaced by a new power, Earth Meld is now the power of Protean 3.


Originally from Vampire: the Masquerade, Vicissitude has been adapted to the Requiem rules, allowing both NPCs and players the ability to fleshcraft and bonecraft provided they have the Discipline. The rules regarding Vicissitude’s use in Requiem can be found in the Vampire Translation Guide.

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