Experience Points

You’ll generally be receiving at least 5 experience points per session. There are experience costs listed in your books, but we’ll doing them just a little bit differently.

Instead of spending new dots x 5 for Attributes, or new dots x 3 for Skills, you’re going to be spending current dots x 5 or 3 for Attributes and Skills respectively. For example, if you want to go from Presence 2 to 3, you’ll spend 10 experience points. The first dot of any skill, however, costs 5 experience points — after all, learning a completely new skill takes a little more work than building on a foundation you’ve already laid, right? Skill specialties are still 3 dots a piece, however.

Merits cost current dots x 2, as well. First dot is just 2. Clan or bloodline disciplines are current dots x 5. Out-of-clan disciplines, even ones you’ve taken at character creation, are current dots x 7. New disciplines, in or out of clan, cost 10 points for the first dot. Theban Sorcery or Cruác Rituals are still Ritual level x 2. Willpower points are just 8 points a dot.

Blood Potency and Humanity, however, are still new dots x 8 and 3 respectively.

Here’s a chart in case any of that was confusing:
Attribute – Current dots x 5
Skill – Current dots x 3, first dot is 5
Skill Specialty – 3 xp
Clan or Bloodline Discipline – Current dots x 5
Other Discipline (including Coils of the Dragon) – Current dots x 7
New Discipline – 10
Theban Sorcery or Cruác Ritual – Ritual level x 2
Merit – Current dots x 2, first dot is 2.
Blood Potency – New dots x 8
Humanity – New dots x 3
Willpower – 8 xp per dot, no scaling.

Example: Philip wants to add another dot of Strength. He only has a Strength of 2, so he would have to spend 10 points to get the third dot of Strength.

Jakob then wants to add a fourth dot to his Brawl skill of 3, and he also wants to buy the first dot of Animal Ken. For the fourth dot of Brawl, he would spend 9 points. For the first dot of Animal Ken, however, he would have to spend 5 points as it’s a brand new skill.

Derek wants to increase his Blood Potency and Humanity. His Blood Potency of 1, so to get a BP of 2, he must spend 16 points since BP is new dots x 8. For his Humanity, which he has 7 of currently, he must spend 21 points to get to Humanity 8, because Humanity is new dots x 3.

Isaiah wants to add dot to his Willpower. He simply has to spend 8 points per dot of Willpower he wants, so if he wants 3 dots of Willpower to add to his current 5 dots of Willpower, it would cost him 24 points. He also wants to buy a Skill Specialty, which would just cost him 3 points.

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Experience Points

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