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Blood & Neon is a Vampire: the Requiem game that began against the backdrop of a vice-filled Miami in 1985. The Prince of the city and his Tribunal have been killed by Ventrue Elder Vance Moretti in a bid to take over the city, effectively starting a war between the former Prince’s loyalist sect and Moretti’s criminal supporters.

Currently the year is 1986. Much has changed in the past year. There have been shifts in power, new faces in town, and terrible rumors sweeping through the Kindred of the city.

Click here for a list of our dearly departed.

House Rules

Yes! We have house rules. Nothing major, nor are there a lot of them, but we have them to make the game more interesting and fun to play. Check them out here.

Factions and Covenants

The two most prominent factions in Miami are the Invictus and the Moretti Gang. The two have been at war since the previous Prince and his Tribunal were killed by the machinations of Vance Moretti.

While they probably don’t share the presence and numbers of the Moretti Gang and the Invictus, other covenants within the city may include the Lancea Sanctum, the Circle of the Crone, the Ordo Dracul, and the Carthian Movement. There is also no telling of the amount of Unaligned Kindred in Miami.

Mortal factions include the Miami Police Department and a local gang known as the J-Pax.


As two Kindred factions are vying for control of Miami, the importance of locations as well as the ownership of them and their Elysium status is bound to change. Things might look and feel the same night by night, but who knows what or where will matter in ten or twenty years?

Elysium locations for the Invictus and the Moretti gang differ, though there is one location designed as Shared Elysium by both factions. Physical violence and overt use of Disciplines is not tolerated in Elysium, and the Keepers are swift to deal with anyone who dares to pull a knife or use Dominate on another Kindred while in Elysium. Of course, if, say, a Moretti-aligned Kindred showed up in Invictus Elysium, violence may be permitted against the intruder.

The Pyramid is Miami’s hottest nightclub, so of course Kindred tend to flock there. There are many rumors about the club’s mysterious owner, who rarely shows herself.

The Boardwalk at South Beach, even at night, proves to be a popular place for mortals to meet and socialize. While many Kindred feed there, it is in actuality the hunting ground of Vance Moretti.

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